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  • Hotel-Motel Baie-Sainte-Catherine

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    The Hotel-Motel Baie-Sainte-Catherine in Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, Canada offers a unique experience along the St. Lawrence river and the Saguenay fjord with whale watching cruises and many other activities within a short distance. The hotel offers charming rooms, some with balconies and stunning views over the river with not to be missed, breathtaking sunrises, they also have ten comfortable motel units close to the hotel which are like mini houses with own entrance. Enjoy a fabulous dining experience in the restaurant with delectable traditional cuisine, and a wide selection of fish, seafood and grilled meats and the day's special on the terrace or in the dining room, they are open for breakfast and lunch and you might even see whales from the patio. The Hotel-Motel Baie-Sainte-Catherine is the ideal base from which to explore with activities including black bear watching, fishing, whale watching, horseback riding, sea kayaking and much more, come for a fabulous stay.

  • Canyoning-Quebec

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    Canyoning-Quebec in Mont-Sainte-Anne invites you to come experience the ultimate vertical thrill of the summer descent of Jean-Larose Waterfall. They are also the only company in North America that offers the exclusive extreme sport ice canyoning adapting the summer techniques to the winter ice conditions, and this descent and rappel down into the canyon is a thrilling experience with the initiation clinic providing the correct rappeling techniques necessary. Four slopes are available to the east of Mont-Sainte-Anne, and Canyoning-Quebec remains the only specialist in Canada, and with qualified guides, will take you on this vertical watersport adventure of canyoning, come suspend yourself close to waterfall with them, it's the most exhilarating experience on earth. Techniques such as stream hiking, abseiling, swimming and jumping are necessary to traverse the canyon so a good level of fitness is required.

  • Maya Beach Club Excursions

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    The Maya Beach Club Excursions in Sainte-Anne, Martinique, take you through the old salt marshes of St. Anne where you can see the characteristic eco system that has developed, consisting of mangroves, crabs and more, it's a universe apart. Take bottled water, sunscreen and your camera and the beach clubs waterproof bags are provided for convenience. Enjoy a fabulous ride along the beautiful beaches and coasts of the island and enjoy extreme landscapes, coves of crystal clear waters and islets. Come hiking and buggy driving enjoying the small secrets the passing towns have to offer, and the breathtaking beaches of the Caribbean. The uniquely tropical north circuit offers banana plantation and pineapple fields, sugarcane and cool offs under waterfalls, harbour fishing and a distillery visit, the rainforest and so much more on a magical journey.

  • Motel and Restaurant Le Vacancier

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    Motel and Restaurant Le Vacancier in Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, Canada offers comfortable lodgings in the motel with 42 units some with stunning sea views and several with kitchens, or adjacent chalets for an enjoyable stay in area with plenty of outdoor activities. There's access to a private golden beach and the on-site restaurant serves delicious gourmet delights in the dining room or out on the terrace with breathtaking views of the bay and the St. Lawrence River. The Motel and Restaurant Le Vacancier offers packages and combines comfort and spectacular marine horizons close to whale watching, cruises, kayaking, museums, golf, festivals, the stunning Saguenay Fjord and much more, come discover Charlevoix in all it's beauty, the North Shore awaits to spoil you, for an unsurpassed holiday, and a stay in the motel or cottages are the cherry on top.

  • Humanity Lodge

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    Humanity Lodge in Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, Canada is about time spent living, and the lodge is well known for their excellent fishing and incredible activities for maximum contact with nature. The 4-star cottages offer lovely accommodations for 2 to 16 people and are propane powered and fully equipped, each has it's own dock and boats, BBQ and outdoor fireplace, shower and veranda. Humanity Lodge has single and tandem kayaks for guest use on 4 different lakes and offers trout fishing on 9 lakes, they are outfitters with packages for a guided big-trout lake excursions. Other activities include canoeing, swimming, an island jump with floating dock, geochaching, hiking trails, moose and wildlife observation, photo-hunting and more, they have 2 pedal boats and 15 mountain bikes, games, a sandbox and treehouse. Guides are available on request, and ready to heat meals for a Taste of Charlevoix, there's ice and a freezer, licenses and fishing tackle for sale, cell phones, and rental of motors, life jackets and fishing equipment, come for an unforgettable adventure.

  • Maya Beach Club School of Languages

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    The Maya Beach Club School of Languages in Sainte-Anne, Martinique offers a unique educational concept for juniors and teens supervised by a teacher and an English professional team sports professional. Each week students receive 15 hours of English tuition coupled with other program activities: aquatic lifesaving, canoeing, swimming, waterpolo, aquavolley, juggling, percussion and more. This beach clubs English courses are also available for professional people who wish to improve their English, and a catamaran transforms into a classroom. After courses, learners can discover the islands, or those back on land can have incredible fun in the water park.

  • Maya Beach Club

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    Maya Beach Club offers you the perfect beach holiday in Sainte-Anne, Martinique at this wonderful water park at the sea, the Caribbeans largest. There's swimming lessons available, baby swimming, kayaking, catamarans, plus intensive English courses combined with water sports. This beach clubs recreational facilities and the inflatable water park also has sea scooters, banana and wakeboarding, catamaran cruises, buggy hiking and so much more. Come for fun, giggles and warm water sensations with family and friends, you'll never want to leave. Come jumping, diving, somersaulting and more on the giant sea trampolines, there's also a floating bar and this is a great place for birthday, groups and events.

  • Tadoussac–Baie-Sainte-Catherine Ferry

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    The Tadoussac–Baie-Sainte-Catherine Ferry connects two sections of Route 138, the highway between Charlevoix and the Lower North Shore, and runs all year round day and night. Come catch a breath of fresh sea air, the Saguenay Fjord and beautiful scenery will take you breath away as this much needed and indispensable ferry service takes you to your destination and back. The Tadoussac–Baie-Sainte-Catherine Ferry also has a third vessel running in summer to cope with extra service demand, and with the short time it takes to make the crossing, it's the next best thing to driving on the water as they say, and the bonus, the ferry service is free of charge. Come marvel at the spectacular scenery the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park has to offer, and there are vending machines on-board, pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash, and they can accommodate disabled passengers plus carry cars and trucks, welcome aboard.

  • Hotel Sainte Catherine

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    Quality Hotel Sainte Catherine is a charming 19th century hotel located in Bordeaux adjacent to the Grand-Théâtre, offering 82 rooms. Bordeaux owes its world fame to its famous vineyards, from the Quality Hotel Sainte Catherine it is easy to visit the wine region and other tourist attractions.

  • Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park

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    Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park and Pointe-Noire Interpretation and Observation Centre Baie-Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, Canada is a site characterized by oceanographic phenomena, and Pinte-Noire is located where the waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary and the Saguenay Fjord mix. Come for a stunning panorama, view the birds and marine mammals, stroll the trail, stop at the lookout equipped with telescopes, and interpretive guides are available for talks and interpretation activities to help you better appreciate this natural and cultural heritage. The Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park offers natural wonders and cultural treasures, come enjoy the natural platform viewing the marine mammals, the interpretation activities, naturalist divers bring up mysterious animals from the bottom of the ocean, listen to the history of the lighthouse and discover the evolution of navigation on the St. Lawrence over the years, it's all here and much more. They have picnic facilities, a municipal campground near the site, exhibitions and a gift shop, it's a must visit attraction.