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Car Hire in Forio, Campania, Italy

  • Noleggio Citara

    Noleggio Citara in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy offers a wide range of vehicles with every type and price, you get the security of a guaranteed rental without any nasty surprises and that includes a free home or hotel delivery. They have small cars and family cars, scooters and wasps as wells as quads and rickshaws, they even have mountain bikes and electric bikes. It's all here, they are the leaders in the Ischia region when it comes to the rental of cars and scooters, and their service is excellent. Noleggio Citara rents only to areas on the Island of Ischia without a driver and petrol, with unlimited mileage, and drivers must have had their license for at least one year and vehicles are ensured, book your mode of transport with them today and let the adventures begin.

  • Autonoleggio Calise

    Autonoleggio Calise in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy offers car, scooter and bike rentals and they have a large fleet to meet your needs for travel on the island. With maximum comfort and performance, with quality service, punctuality and efficiency they are the best for convenience and transport when looking to travel around the island and discover the beauty and charm of the place. Autonoleggio Calise will even deliver your vehicle of choice directly to your hotel, and you get to avoid the summer queues. Come experience Ischia in complete freedom, visit the beaches and villas, taking in the breathtaking scenery, it's all here and they make it possible.

  • Autonoleggio Schioppa Servizi

    Autonoleggio Schioppa Servizi in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy offers car rentals, scooter rentals and bike hire including tandem bike and pedal assisted rentals with an excellent fleet at unbeatable prices and great service. Numerous gadgets come free as gifts and they are happy to deliver your car or scooter to your hotel or home, villas and ports on the island. Autonoleggio Schioppa Servizi offer free assistance, kindness and transparency, plus a free map to discover all the nice places of interest and scooters come with helmets, cars with all the comforts and bikes can include a third seat for children, rent through them and discover all that this wonderful island has to offer.

  • Alex Auto Ischia

    Alex Auto Ischia in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy offers a wide assortment of cars, scooters and motorbikes for rent ideal for tourists and commuters who want to explore the island and enjoy a day at the beach or travel and commute around the island for work purposes. They also have cars that can be hired for weddings and other special events and ceremonies, and there is an enviable fleet of cars and motorcycle solutions to choose from. Alex Auto Ischia is a leading car, motorcycle and scooter rental company on the island offering excellent service and they will meet your transport needs for moving around the island, come spend an unforgettable holiday with one their rental vehicles.

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