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Noleggio Citara in Forio, Naples, Italy | Car Hire | biking

Noleggio Citara in Forio on the island of Ischia, Italy offers a wide range of vehicles with every type and price, you get the security of a guaranteed rental without any nasty surprises and that includes a free home or hotel delivery. They have small cars and family cars, scooters and wasps as wells as quads and rickshaws, they even have mountain bikes and electric bikes. It's all here, they are the leaders in the Ischia region when it comes to the rental of cars and scooters, and their service is excellent. Noleggio Citara rents only to areas on the Island of Ischia without a driver and petrol, with unlimited mileage, and drivers must have had their license for at least one year and vehicles are ensured, book your mode of transport with them today and let the adventures begin.

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Via G. Mazzella (loc. Citara)
(+39) 339 4820960
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