Durres Restaurant

Restaurant in Durres, Durres, Albania

  • Mema House

    Mema House in Durres, Alabania offers an amazing gastronomic experience with professional service, and with a 5 star rating brings you the very best of Mediterranean cuisine flavours. The menu is rich and varied with sublime dishes of traditional cuisine and international specialties made from top ingredients for unforgettable dining pleasures. Mema House us open for lunch and dinner and caters to group events and celebrations, they also offer take out and delivery and kids are welcome, come enjoy a delicious meal paired with the perfect wine, it is the ideal and unique place for every occasion.

  • Piazza Restorant

    Piazza Restorant in Durres, Albania brings you mouthwatering and wonderful dishes of the freshest sea products skilfully and lovingly prepared by the head chef paired with the best wines to highlight the meal. Located in the building next to the castle square, here they combine fresh ingredients with exquisite sauces and bold spices, and every creation is so beautifully presented with aromas, flavours and colours, it's a not to be missed seafood extravaganza. Piazza Restorant borrows from many International cuisines and you will find many exquisite dishes from elsewhere like paella or Creole jambalaya, baked sea fish dishes and much more, it's a must visit.

  • Kodra Kuajve

    Kodra Kuajve in Durres, Albania brings you relaxation, sports and nature, here you can enjoy amazing views over the coast of Durres, a horseback ride and an exceptional meal. Young children are accompanied throughout the course by an expert instructor, and many breeds of horses are cultivated on this farm, and they offer farm tours visiting the beautiful animals. The building structured over three floors caters to various events and celebrations on the first floor including wedding ceremonies, birthdays, conferences and more, and there are 16 guest rooms for overnight accommodation with wonderful views, and the restaurant offers traditional Albanian meals with exquisite wines from the wine cellar to complement, come for a wonderful visit, horse ride or event, it's all here.

  • Vertigo

    Vertigo in Durres, Albania is a bar, ristorante and pizzeria with terrace dining and breathtaking sea views over the Adriatic sea, it's a place to come and enjoy exquisite seafood and delicious wines. There's wine bar for relaxation and the pizzeria features a wood furnace for that authentic mouthwatering taste of the perfect pizza. The Vertigo experience is a tempting delight of the chefs creations where you are transported to sophisticated tastes and flavours made from the highest quality ingredients, and they cater to meat lovers, seafood lovers and all lovers of different cooking styles and authentic tastes, they are also the perfect venue for unforgettable events and celebrations.

  • Picante Restaurant

    Picante Restaurant is one of the most frequented restaurants in Durres, Albania and it's easy to see why, the highly experienced chef carefully creates and treats each dish and dessert that comes out of the kitchen for sublime dining in a relaxed atmosphere with professional service. With a summer cellar featuring prestigious wine labels from around the world, each dish is beautifully paired and food specialties offer a menu stripped down to the details for your exquisite dining pleasure. Picante Restaurant offers a unique menu of seafood, meat dishes, spicy risottos and more with the perfect ending desserts, it is a must visit.

  • 4Stinet

    4Stinet in Durres, Albania is open for lunch and dinner and boasts a long tradition as one of the most popular restaurants in the city, serving clients a sublime menu of high quality, fresh products. This restaurant pizzeria is located just a few metres from the sea shore, and their innovation is based on past tradition with a cooking culture that preserves the culture and tradition of the city while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the coast. 4Stinet boasts over 60 types of the most delicious pizza, and they serve a mouthwatering menu of antipasti, meat and seafood dishes, pasta and fish baked pastry which is rated among one their favourite dishes, all meals are enjoyed and paired with selections of over 100 wines from around the world, come for an unforgettable dining experience, you will be back.

  • The Kokomani Winery and Restaurant

    The Kokomani Winery and Restaurant located in the hills of the Little Amphitheatre of Kodra in Durres, Albania produces award winning high quality wines in three types, namely the plaza white, Black square and St. Mhill which is a classic international bordolese mixture of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdo. With ancient Albanian traditions in the cultivation of vineyards and wine production, the owners with vast experience of wine production in the Tuscany region, bring their knowledge and passion to these local wines. The Kokomani Winery and Restaurant invites you to come enjoy the perfect wine pairing with meats, poultry, seasoned cheeses and more.

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