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Welcome to the Yukon Transportation Museum, Whitehorse, Canada.  Come be our guests for an adventure filled journey that retraces the history of transportation in the Yukon. Spend an afternoon at the Yukon Transportation Museum discovering all the exciting storys of transportation in the North.  Travel with the gold seekers as they battle the Chilkoot Pass, experience Whitehorse as the ship building mecca it was in the ninteen twenties, and view the Alaska and Canol highways as they once were. We even have a fully restored Douglas DC-3 acting as a functional weathervane!

The Yukon Transportation Museum contains wonderful artifacts which show many different modes of transportation and the part they played in the history and development of the Yukon territory. From snowshoes to dogsleds and moose skin boats to paddle wheelers, the Yukon Transportation Museum has it all.  The Yukon Transportation Museum Society formed in 1986, it's purpose was to promote and preserve Yukon's transportation history. The same year the Society won a tender to save a 1956 military recreation centre and use it to house artifacts and exhibits exploring Yukon's transportation history. In 1986 the Society began stabilizing the building, completing the work in 1990. The Museum officially opened to the public July 1, 1990.

Museum Mandate: The Yukon Transportation Museum's mission statement is, "To identify, acquire, preserve and conserve the history, cultural material and artifacts of Yukon's transportation modes. To interpret this history in an educational manner for all Yukoners and visitors alike."

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30 Electra Crescent, Whitehorse, Yukon
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