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Welcome to Yukon College, Whitehorse, Canada. * Yukon College offers courses and programs that are recognised nationally for their academic quality, and that meet the standards of partner universities and Colleges. * We offer small classes with direct, personal contact with highly qualified instructors.

* Because we are a small institution, we offer a service-oriented environment in which student support for learning is a community responsibility. * We offer innovative, northern-relevant programs that prepare graduates for meaningful careers in Canada’s north. * We offer preparatory programs for students lacking the essential knowledge and skills for academic success, and we have a top-notch record for facilitating academic achievement.

The second reason is accessibility. * We have a network of 13 campuses serving the Yukon, and an extensive distance-learning menu of courses. Studying at home is increasingly important for busy learners. * Our main campus is located in Whitehorse, a capital city with a commercial airport linking us with the world.

The third reason is affordability. * With tuition fees skyrocketing across Canada, Yukon College deliberately sets fees that are significantly lower than most. The fourth reason is the Yukon itself.  * To live in the Yukon is to experience one of the most beautiful and untouched natural environments in Canada.

* Whitehorse and the rural communities of the Yukon are celebrated for their uniquely northern warmth and hospitality. * The social, recreational, and cultural life of the Yukon is rich and vibrant.

In sum, Yukon College is one of Canada’s exceptional small Colleges, celebrating the outstanding success of our graduates since 1983.

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