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Ever wanted to give Surfing in the South West of Australia a go? With Yallingup Surf Schools friendly and experienced team of coaches we can offer you a great way to experience the ocean and get you standing on a surf board. In this region of world class waves you may just be after some local knowledge and someone to go Surfing with. All ages & all stages we can make your Surfing experience in the South West the best there is on offer (weather permitting of course!) We are a fully accredited Surfing Australia Surf School and Sponsored by QUIKSILVER !!
Yallingup Surf School is fully qualified and insured with Surfing Australia. Our courses are recognised by the Australian Sports Commission. Our coaches are qualified with the Australian Coaching Council.
We provide top quality surfboards, wetsuits and accessories at Yallingup Surf School.

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Western Australia
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