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Welcome to Y & T Antique Furniture, Beijing, China. Y & T Is A Furniture Factory Based in Beijing, China and are not an agent, sales company nor a middle man.

Y & T Antique Furniture was founded by Raymond Tang and Yu Chun Wang in 1999. Raymond has a master's degree of Civil Engineering

Before 1999, Raymond has 10 years background of engineering and construction site management.

Now Raymond is in charge of the of the marketing, design and special custom orders for high end houses: kitchen & bath room cabinets / Vanities, doors, windows shutters, beams, corbels and other precision (need to fit the exact space) orders.

Y & T Antique Furniture, manufactures hand made solid wood classic and new style Furniture, with either traditional Ming, Qing, Zen styles or new styles to meet the modern functions but with Chinese elements.

Y & T Antique Furniture collects and repairs Chinese Antique Furniture and Accessories.

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107# Li Er Si, Zhang Jia Wan,Tong Zhou , Beijing China
(86) 1360 109 9839
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