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Wild Waters Rafting in Truro, Colchester County, Canada | White water rafting

Wild Waters Rafting in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada offers three trips daily with choices of wild, super wild and extremely wild, and their are full trips and half trips available. Take a walk on the wild side with them, they are located on the Colchester side of the Shubenacadie river with the tidal bore in view from their lookout, and the tidal bore rapids provide unique, challenging and adventurous up river rafting that is safe and fun for everyone. Wild Waters Rafting take you on the tidal bore when strong tides flow against the outgoing current of the river, and create outstanding waves which take your breath away, the high water can be 30 feet higher than the low tide level. They know when incoming water will be strong, medium or mild, and you can adjust your adventure accordingly, let the fun begin, the rapids await.

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