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Whale and Dolphin Excursions offered by the Aguila de Osa Inn on Drake Bay island in the Costa Rica's Puntarenas region.

The warm, crystal clear waters just off the Osa Peninsula, in the Puntarenas region, are home to a variety of whale and dolphin species and are ideal for whale and dolphin viewing. Assisted by our marine naturalist guides, guests will have the opportunity to interact with humpback, pilot and false killer whales, and/or swim with spotted, bottlenose and spinner dolphins.

Aguila de Osa Inn located on Drake Bay island has several different boats available for whale and dolphin watching Tours, all of which are stable, spacious and comfortable. As always with this type of tour, the presence and exact location of these sea creatures can never be predicted or guaranteed, however, sightings are frequent and can be expected. Pods of humpback and pilot whales, as well as schools of spinner, bottlenose and spotted dolphins frequent the area at various times throughout the year.

Your tour will initially head towards CaƱo Island but may change direction if sightings occur elsewhere. At times both whales and dolphins can be seen surprising close to the hotel. Throughout your tour, whenever possible, you?ll be encouraged to snorkel with these docile, curious and gentle sea creatures. Watch them as they pass to your left, right or below, often just 30-50 ft. away. While whales and dolphins are most commonly seen independently of each other, it is not uncommon to see pods of whales accompanied by large schools of dolphin.

Surfacing at regular intervals to breath, whales can be observed exhaling, which is often accompanied with deep, resonating sounds and enormous expulsions of vapor. As they break the water?s surface their large bodies will draw your attention, briefly rising out of the water exposing their heads, dorsal fin and tails; if you're lucky you can see them breach.

At designated times throughout the year whales can be seen with their calves. Schools of dolphin are most frequently seen in open water, frolicking effortlessly along the water?s surface. As well, they often ride the waves just in front of the boat, giving passengers a much desired close-up view.

Whale and Dolphin Excursions from Drake Bay island in the Costa Rica's Puntarenas region is an awesome experience not to be missed!

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