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Welcome to Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada.
We offer a cellphone and blackberry-free environment for anyone serious about enjoying true peace and tranquility.
There is no separation between nature and spirit. We hope that every guest leaves our special place with a better connection.
Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures is located on a remote shore of the "Inland Sea" in coastal British Columbia only accessible by boat or floatplane. Our cabin rentals offer you a truly unique outdoor wilderness adventure with peace and serenity away from your busy lifestyle. Nestled in a rainforest on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, BC and surrounded by coastal mountains, alpine meadows, streams and lakes, you will find no other place quite like Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures in the world. Eco-tourism and Economy at its best.
Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures in Sechelt, British Columbia, is unique because we are truly a wilderness resort with no road access or neighbors of the human variety. Most marine parks and remote lodges cannot actually access the wilderness that surrounds them. Our site does. Explore many miles of abandoned logging trails overlooking ocean inlets from high in the mountains.

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