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Turista Libra in Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico | Tour Operator | Guided tours | private events

Turista Libra in Tijuana, Mexico, established in 2009, is a Tour Operator that offers fun and exciting tours, Guided tours and day trips to museums, sporting events, wineries, breweries and many other unique and fun places. With our choice of interesting tours you will experience our town and its cultural hotspots as a local and not as a tourist as you discover the intrigues and authenticity of this historic town. Turista Libra offers enjoyable private tours that are priced according to your customized itinerary, and these tours are ideal for corporate outings, birthday parties and many other private events, and with our experience and excellent service you can look forward to fun-filled, interesting tours.

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727 East San Ysidro Boulevard
Baja California
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