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Trattoria Caffe Italia in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Italian Restaurant

The Carrozza family of Trattoria Caffe Italia, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, has been entertaining Ottawa locals and tourists for over 20 years. Affectionately referred to as ?Pat and Dom?, Pasquale and Domenic have created a restaurant experience that is truly original. Their dedication and hard work has earned them a number of Awards over the years celebrating their business sense, fine cuisine and impressive wine list.
While Pat and Dom meet and greet all of their patrons to Trattoria Caffe Italia, their sister, Chef Connie is busy at work in the Kitchen. Her homemade pastas and sauces are as eye pleasing as they are decadent and Connie uses recipes that are both traditional and new.
The greatest compliment to Trattoria Caffe Italia in Ottawa, Ontario, is the thousands of referrals they receive from their satisfied guests. ?The nice thing about our restaurant,? says Dominic ?is we get all types of customers, young to old, from around the corner to around the world, most of whom have been referred to us by their friends. The majority of our clientele first came here by word of mouth.?
More proof of Trattoria Caffe Italia's popularity is readily visible on the walls of the Trattoria, much to the Interior Designer Liz?s dismay. Liz transforms the restaurant ?s décor with each season and also for special events, but the one mainstay is the wall of fame located in front area of the restaurant also known as the Caffe.

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