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Taverna Megas Alexandros in Thassos, Kavala, Greece | Restaurant

Taverna Megas Alexandros is located right on the beach of the beautiful resort area of Skala Potamias. We are here to serve you, whether it is a cool, refreshing drink or a delicious lunch or dinner.
MEGAS ALEXANDROS (Alexander the Great) is a Restaurant with History. We have been established since 1982 and the reputation of our kitchen is well known all over the world, as well as the building where you will find us.
The building is the second oldest after the beautiful Tarsana that you can see at the end of the harbor being its jewel.
Our menu offers an extensive range of both Greek and international cuisine. We recommend one of our fresh salads or appetizers followed by either the local lamb fresh from the oven, grilled steaks or some fresh fish, the tastier of the Mediterranean sea, decorated with any one of a number of our sauces from all over the world, accompanied with a fine wine or tsiporo (the local snapps made by the family) to ensure your evening is fulfilled.
Why not finish off your meal with one of our special traditional Greek sweets and coffee or perhaps you will prefer the famous Greek brandy. A great way to end an excellent night!

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