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Tabb's Restaurant in Truro, Cornwall, England is a very popular fine dining, award winning British Restaurant that is modern and one of the most exciting in the city. They pride themselves on producing beautifully simple dishes which allow the ingredients to shine as they say, and use only the best local produce available. Tabb's Restaurant offers a stunning menu of exquisite starters served with their own home made bread, and delectable main choices fish dishes, pot roasted belly pork, seared fillet of beef, roasted breast of duck and a vegetarian selection ending with the perfect dessert. There's also a delicious set menu of 2 or 3 courses, and stunning wines to compliment each course including sparkling wines, come for a fine dining experience bar none.

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85 Kenwyn Street,
United Kingdom
01872 262110
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Award Winning
British Cuisine
Set Menus
Fish Dishes
Roasted Duck
Pork Belly
Vegetarian Selections

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