Speelcircus Bambini

Speelcircus Bambini in Vlissingen, Walcheren, Netherlands | Theme Park

Bambini Play Circus ( Speelcircus Bambini )

Climbing, scrambling, sliding and jumping into the happy world of the Bambini Play Circus ( Speelcircus Bambini )
The thing that makes Bambini Play Circus in Vlissingen so unique is the fact that the older and younger children play in separate areas and for those children who need to take a time out from all that activity, they can take a seat in the childrenâ??s cinema 'Bios Bini', where they can watch many of the best films for children.
And for adults? They can have a seat in our 'Barbini' to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, have lunch or read one of the latest magazines.

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