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Snowdonia Conference in Gwynedd, Gwynedd, United Kingdom | Conference Convention

Set amidst Snowdonia?s ancient celtic landscape, Snowdonia Conference in Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom, is a great venue for your next group outing, and is perfect for walking groups, hosting a retreat for your organization, yoga, t'ai chi or complementary therapy groups, running a course and guided tours exploring North Wales? stunning celtic scenery.
Eurowalk Hall at Snowdonia Conference is ideal for lectures, conferences or movement sessions, such as yoga or t'ai chi the ?Eurowalk Hall? will easily seat 100 people and has video, DVD and data projection facilities.
Snowdon Hall is ideal for quiet and private meetings with access to a spacious wooded lawn with beautiful mountain views and outdoor seating. Perfect for a small movement or yoga class. Seats 40 theatre style.
Our experienced vegetarian chefs can provide a wide range of sumptuous meals. Special diets and packed lunches can also be provided for group bookings.
Enjoy browsing in our tasteful, spacious reception and shop area. Packed with gifts, books, clothing, health products, souvenirs, snacks, drinks and more, this area also provides teas, coffees and herbal drinks for groups using the Eurowalk Hall in Snowdonia Conference in Gwynedd, Wales.

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