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A Seal Coast Safari is an adventure of discovery. We drive for 20 rugged kilometres along the beach, over rocks, around the bays and headlands, with the ocean lapping the 4WD trucks. We visit a colony of New Zealand fur seals and you will be delighted just to walk amongst them, or just observing - say 'hi' to them, enjoy their native habitat; the crashing waves and the famous Leaning Lighthouse of Wellington.
On the return journey we climb up and over a fault-line, and through a farm where we come face to face with cattle, deer and maybe wild goats. We sample spectacular views of the City, the South Island, both the Pacific and Tasman oceans and distant mountain ranges. Finally the tour also visits the Brooklyn Wind Turbine, with more stunning views of the City, harbour and surrounding hills. Almost all of the nearly 3-hour safari is on restricted or unmarked private roads or tracks. One seasoned traveller described it as 'the best mini-tour of my life' and an international travel writer from Sweden said it was her 'best New Zealand experience'. Try it for yourself. Departs from the i-SITE Visitor Centre at 10.30am and 1.30pm daily. The Tours takes 2 hours, 45 minutes.

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