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Welcome to Santorini Greek Taverna in Calgary, Western Canada, Canada.
For over twenty years, Santorini Greek Taverna has represented the best in Calgary, Western Canada?s Greek cuisine.
Santorini Greek Taverna was founded on the Greek values of filoxenia; literally the notion of befriending strangers. Thus, as all guests to Santorini Greek Taverna in Calgary, Western Canada, quickly realize, they are immediately made part of the family, whether laughing with host Maria?s comedic personality or joining in on an uplifting Greek dance.
While other Greek Restaurants have attempted to reinvent a good thing, Santorini Greek Taverna continues to offer the classic, authentic tastes of Greece in a welcoming, Mediterranean setting.
With over 40 Greek dishes, it promises an unforgettable experience.
At Santorini Greek Taverna, every day is a celebration.
Andreas Nicolaides is a veteran of the Greek kitchen, preparing delicious meals for over 40 years. With his bright smile and warm hospitality, Andreas will quickly sweep newcomers away from the bustle of Calgary, Western Canada, to a sun-soaked Greek island beach. Do not be fooled, however. Under his laid back guise, lies the devotion of a perfectionist chef. Andreas painstakingly prepares and checks every dish that leaves Santorini?s kitchen to ensure its quality.
Maria Nicolaides is the matriarch of Santorini Greek Tavena, undoubtedly the most versatile member of the family. From preparing fabled Moussaka on Saturday mornings, to seating tables on a busy Saturday night, Maria is unforgettable. On weekends, she leads the serving staff in Greek dance and even babysits children while their parents eat! Her energy and kindness match those of any Greek mother.
Rolando Kasinos leads the serving staff at Santorini. As the nephew of Maria and Andreas, he ensures that all guests indeed enjoy filoxenia. Rolando is also credited with offering one of the best zeimbekikos (a passionate, solo Greek dance) in Calgary, Western Canada.

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