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Roselea Vineyard brings you boutique Wines of Gerringong, with award winning Wines produced in the vineyard located on a north facing slope overlooking Rose Valley and Werri Beach, for the ideal mild climate with sea breezes. Grapes are grown without pesticides, and Chardonnay, Verdelho, Chambourcin and Ruby Cabernet are grown in dark red volcanic soils, and they produce premium Wines soft on the palate with full fruit flavour. Roselea Vineyard welcomes you to visit the tasting room by appointment, and enjoy wonderful views, relax on the deck and sip a glass of heady Wine produced by them. Roselea Vineyard have sparkling Wines, white Wines, red Wines and even vintage ports, and you can order from their Wine shop with free local delivery.

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310 Princes Highway
New South Wales
(02) 4234 0340
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