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Most people who visit the Road to Yesterday Museum in Bay Roberts,Canada which was developed and is operated by the Bay Roberts Heritage Society, are amazed at the quality of the artifacts and the displays. Although the focus of the Museum is the turn of the century mercantile history of the town, the Road to Yesterday Museum also contains displays about the early history of the town.

Bay Roberts is at least 400 years old! French migratory fishermen from Brittany and Normandy in what is now France cured their fish on flat beach rocks and called the area Baie de Robert, the name which is found on early charts.

English Settlement

By the late 16th century, Bay Roberts had become part of the English Shore. Some French, Spanish and Portuguese fishermen still visited the area but they were out numbered by fishermen from the English West Country. In the 1675 census, Bay Roberts is called Bay of Roberts.

From that period, the Road to Yesterday Museum contains a display of rare intact 17th century pottery artifacts which were found in shipwrecks in the Bay Roberts Harbour.

FOCUS OF Museum - Turn of the Century Mercantile Centre

The Road to Yesterday Museum demonstrates the types of business that thrived in the town at the turn of the century. A few of the displays include the general store, the farm, the blacksmith, the cooperage, the Western Union Cable Office, and the Guardian newspaper.

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