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Richard Lake Cottages in Vermilion Bay, Kenora District, Canada | Cottage and Cabins | Self Catering

Richard Lake Cottages Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada are all located near to or on a lake for a fantastic wilderness vacation in spectacular settings with great views, screen porches lines, cooking utensils and more. Cabins are clean and comfortable and don't come with TV's or phones for that perfect, tranquil, relaxing getaway. Richard Lake Cottages have their own private sandy beach, a couple of docks for swimming and fishing, a children's playground, campfires, the Northern Lights and pure relaxation. Come for great fishing adventures, and here they strongly support a catch and release program, there's also paddle boats, canoes and row boats just for you, come for a wonderful vacation on the lake with hills and forest surrounds and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

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PO Box 56
Vermilion Bay
(807) 464-1468
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