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ProTec Dive Center in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, has been conducting Cave Diving courses since 2001 and is the only full service facility in Mexico. We pride ourselves on our high level of training to produce excellent divers who are confident and comfortable in their diving abilities, as they explore the stunning underwater caves of Mexico. Our professional diving staff delight in sharing their passion for Cave Diving with you and are dedicated in training divers of all skill levels to enjoy recreational, technical, wreck, rebreather or cave diving. It is imperative to complete a training program before venturing on a Cave Diving expedition, and at ProTec Dive Center we believe that our facility offers the most comprehensive diving courses available. We also stock professional diving gear and materials, as well as a full service rental area, gear repair, photographic support and expedition support. Once you have completed your diving course, you too can experience the magical world of cave diving, generously given to us by Mother Nature.

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