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Pringle House was established in Pringle Bay, a School that takes care of the educational needs of children base in Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betty?s Bay and Kleinmond along the Western Cape coast of South Africa.

The ?Pringle House Educational System? aims to provide a holistic and integrated system that focuses on the learners? mental, emotional and physical needs. It is quality education that develops the total person and provides them with the necessary skills, tools and information to cope and be successful in the ?School of Life?.

Our School offers the advantages of a small group of children who each receive individual attention from experienced teachers and helpers. Our teachers are genuinely interested in lovingly expanding the consciousness of your child at all levels at a pace and in a manner best suited to your child. We provide a planned and varied educational programme, including training in language, maths and science.

Pringle House objectives
* Acquire superior insights into the personality and learning profile of each child.
* Lovingly nurture the child?s talents and stimulate his/her natural love of discovery.
* Allow each child to develop at an optimal pace commensurate with his or her needs and abilities.

Emotional development
Pringle House encourages a compassionate orientation based on a sense of community and brotherhood. We create a sense of self-worth by stimulating the intelligent use of social skills and by encouraging positive interactions with others. We provide a structured learning environment free of competitive pressures.

Intellectual development at Pringle House School in Pringle Bay, Western Cape:
The School bases its studies on the Oxford curriculum and caters for a variety of learning modalities: kinaesthetic, visual, auditory and sensory. Each child is naturally inclined to a specific combination of these modalities and will not be forced to develop in a manner unsuited to their profile.

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