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Welcome to Pohatu,Tours, Akaroa, New Zealand. Pohatu Tours, Akaroa offers Pohatu Penguins, Pohatu Plunge.  Pohatu Penguin Tours: Flea Bay is a small coastal bay nestled between dramatic volcanic headlands and part of Pohatu Marine Reserve. It is home to the largest Little Penguin colony on the mainland.

Sea Kayaking: Francis and Shireen Helps have protected the White-flippered Penguins at Pohatu-Flea Bay for more than two decades. Tours enable you to see the penguins unobtrusively. Sea Kayaking allows you to enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife of Pohatu Marine Reserve. Scenic Nature Tours will enable you to experience a wide range of endemic wildlife amongst dreamlike landscapes.

Scenic Nature Tours: Enjoy a night in the middle of a penguin colony just meters from a safe swimming beach in our Kiwi batch backpacker accommodation. 

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