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Pho's Maxim in Windsor, Ontario is a fresh Vietnamese noodle house and full service restaurant prioritizing fast, healthy high quality food that can be enjoyed at any time. They also offer a delivery service and their pho broth, a rich beefy broth is made daily with exquisite spices and natural flavours, a must try, when you order pho it is served with a fresh side of beansprouts, chili, lime, thai basil and thorny coriander. Pho's Maxim offers exotic appetizers of spring rolls, deep fried delights, pho with various ingredient choices, rice or egg noodle dishes, vermicelli bowls, pad thai, curry, many rice dishes and Vietnamese specialties. Pho's Maxim are a great venue and dining establishment for private parties, serve excellent vegetarian options, cocktails, coffee, milkshakes, bubble tea and desserts, come for an unforgettable dining experience.

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567 Pelissier St,
+1 226-674-0810
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