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Welcome to Outer Bays Tours, Akaroa, New Zealand. Akaroa village is your charming starting point for a tour of Banks Penninsular.  * Got only one hour? Outer Bays Tours will drive you around the historic building and streets of Akaroa village, home to Europeans from New Zealand's earliest days.

* Got more time? Then come with us, at Outer Bays Tours, outside the village for a few hours. We'll drive you in comfort to the magnificent outer bays.

* Need a bus to Christchurch Airport or a taxi around Akaroa? Call us.  What are the outer bays? Up over the hills around Akaroa harbour are the wonderful outer bays. They're waiting for you to discover their beauty and charm.  As we drive you to the top of the hills that surround the blue Akaroa harbour you will catch your first view of the other side — the huge Pacific Ocean and the magnificent outer bays.

And then we'll go down to the outer bays in our luxury coach to see them up close for ourselves. It's a calm, beautiful experience you will never forget.  Some of the larger ones are on the map: Okains Bay, Little Akaloa, Lands End. But there are hundreds of smaller inlets and bays. All of them remote, isolated and beautiful.

We will drive you there in comfort for a very special few hours. As short as a one hour drive through Akaroa village. Or as long as four hours. We leave every morning from 8.30 onwards. See the schedule.  Get out of Akaroa village. See the bays!  What do you do in Akaroa village when you've seen the harbour, had a coffee at the cafe, and don't feel like walking any more?  Well, you don't need to just wait around — bored — until it's time to go back to Christchurch!  We'll drive you in comfort and luxury up over the hills around Akaroa and down the other side to the awesome outer bays. See a map and pictures.  There you can walk along the ocean on uncrowded, clean, sandy beaches. And as you travel, you'll get view after view of the gigantic Pacific Ocean as it washes into the cliffs around the outer bays. This is a majestic, heart-lifting land. You'll never forget your tour of the outer bays.

Travel with our experienced guide, Paul Chandler. More than 20 years' experience in the New Zealand outdoors and on the peninsular.

Our trips can be as short as one hour. Or you can take up to four hours. We travel every day of the week.  Trip schedule:  Our Tours go every day starting from 8.30am onwards.

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