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Our primary concern is the quality of our home grown produce.
Welcome to Olive oil Corsica, Corsica, France, where we do not only take into consideration the nutritional value of our Olive oil and its derived products, but also wish to justify our activity by striving to give total customer satisfaction. We select prime quality trees, pay particular attention to all year round treating, hand pick the olives, grind and condition the produce with the utmost rigour.
Balagne is a region of Corsica whose history is intimately linked with that of the olive tree. It has been covered with them since Roman times The Genoese started plantations by grafting in the C17th (La Coltivazione). Today the remaining trees are several centuries old. They were spared by severe frosts only to be destroyed for the most part in the disastrous fires of the second half of the C20th.

In the last few years plantations in Balagne have been laid out and managed using a more rational and in principle more efficient approach: access for agricultural machinery, irrigation, fertilization, pruning and care throughout the year. Olive farming despite this remains very small scale and is the work of people passionate about these marvellous trees that have little chance of finding an economic valorisation.
Olive oil Corsica, Corsica, France, are proud to offer an oil that has all the qualities of a perfectly traditional product. It has an exceptional taste and provides elements essential for the consumer?s health.

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