A beautiful area The island is sometimes called "L'Ile de beaute" - a title which it richly deserves. Its wonderful beaches and the drama of the mountains behind, its forests, and the aroma of the maquis - this virtually unspoilt island is quite unlike the other crowded Mediterranean resorts. Corsica offers, quite simply, the best beaches in Europe These beaches are kept immaculately clean, and they range from totally deserted to Riviera chic. What makes Corsica's coastline so special is the quality and clarity of the water. For authentic Mediterranean culture The Corsican art and culture heritage is remarkable and rich. The insularity, the Genoese presence and the continual threats of barbarian pirates have put a lasting mark on the Corsican countryside. The Gastronomy of Corsica In Corsicas thousands of restaurants you can indulge your taste for excellent French cuisine, experimenting with something new and exotic There are lots of pasta dishes available on the island because Italy and  Corsica have so much shared heritage. Also Corsica is not an expensive place to eat out. Corsica's currency is the Euro No problems as regards money: The island is dotted with cash bank machines and there are some French banks in the major towns. You can use most debit cards in Corsica. A wide variety of accomodation, suitable for all budgets You have four basic choices - self-catering, hotel, B&B/Guest houses, or a camp-site. Hotels in Corsica range from the very sophisticated and luxurious to small family owned establishments. In the high season, you will be able to rent out self catering villas and apartments in Corsica for a week or more. In the B&B and Guest houses, you will live close to a family, sharing meals and facilities; others offer more self-contained rooms. There are plenty of campsites in Corsica. Sourced with thanks from Choose Corsica
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