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Nordzee Hotel in Cadzand, Sluis, Netherlands | Hotel

Noordzee Hotel  - Enjoy the sea and relax in the most beautiful rooms in Cadzand-Bad - Noordzee Hotel is the perfect Hotel for a holiday at the beach, near the border of Belgium. Excellent location, on top of the dunes, right by the sea. A lot of facilities, a relaxed atmosphere, optimum comfort, Wellness, swimming pool, sauna.

Weekend idea:

Sweet dreams & Salt water

A nice stay of 3 night including breakfast. Enjoy the beach & the sea. Relaxing in the pool with whirlpool and sauna & health possibilities.

Midweek idea:

Monday - Friday

4 nights enjoying the sea & the healty air. Reserve a special room, like the Botero-room of the Towerroom with great view at the Noordzee Hotel!


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Noordzeestraat 2 4506 KM
0117 391 810
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