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Natural Wonders is a Newfoundland nature based Tourism venture based in Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. It is operated by a local biologist whose goal is to promote conservation and a greater awareness of our environment in Newfoundland and Labrador.

In Natural Wonders, we specialize in interpreting the ecology of the plants and animals found in our coastal area around Newfoundland and Labrador. We use a combination of interpretation centres and coastal nature hikes to tell the story of how living things interact with their environment from Bonavista.

Natural Wonders offers two hour interpretive ecohikes to a spectacular local seabird colony. We also provide marine interpretation in our Subsea Wonders centre which has two giant squid on display.

One of our main attractions is our "Puffin Island Hike", a two hour interpretive hike to one of the most scenic and secluded locations in our province. This hike is a natural history tour of our coastline. As the name suggests, puffins are one of the main attractions and we sometimes get as close as 4 feet from these beautiful birds. However, in Natural Wonders we focus on much more than puffins ... marine ecology, giant squid, whales, plant ecology and lots more are on our agenda!

Learn about our plants, wildlife and local ecology while hiking one of the most spectacular trails in Newfoundland. Your guide is a biologist who will lead you to a relatively undiscovered corner of our province.

The hike starts close to a community where you will be introduced to many of the plant species brought here by the first European settlers. As you move towards the coastline the habitat changes to a rugged coastal heathland which has existed here for thousands of years. There are many plants which make up this habitat, many are edible or have medicinal uses and some are poisonous. As you move towards the cliffs you will experience some of the most beautiful, rugged scenery in the world ? sea stacks, caves and an angry sea are common here.

During your hike you will be shown a ravens nest and the location where food is broken up for the chicks. We spend some time here talking about predators and their relationship to the seabirds.

The hike culminates at the tip of the peninsula as we approach ?Puffin Island? ? seabirds abound here including kittiwake, black guillemot, razorbill, cormorant and puffin. This is one of the best places in North America to view puffins!!!

Visitors to this remote spot like to stay here a while taking in the sights and sounds of nature ? this is ?nature at its best?.

Our hikes are booked on demand and leave from our ?Subsea Wonders? building next to the Harbour Quarters Inn, Bonavista.

Atlantic puffins are definitely one of the highlights of our "Puffin Island Hike". This beautiful seabird often provides superb photographic opportunities, sometimes allowing you to get as close as 5 feet from them!

The Atlantic puffin is a member of the auk family and is related to the razorbill, dovekie, black guillemot, common murre and thick billed murre. Newfoundland is the main breeding area for this species in North America.

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