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Muskoka Shores Bed and Breakfast in Muskoka, Muskoka, Canada | Bed and Breakfast

We welcome you to the shores of the crown jewel of the Muskokas - Lake Muskoka. Muskoka Shores - elegant shoreside accommodation at its finest.
Located on one of the main cruise routes for the Muskoka Steam Ship Lines, Muskoka Shores has the very best to offer in waterfront accommodation. Listen to the waves lapping gently on the rocky shore at night while the loons call to one another. Enjoy the magnificence of the heavens from the deck in the evenings - bring your telescope or binoculars if you're a star-gazer. Sunbathe on the deck or by the rocky shoreline during the day and enjoy a swim or a paddle in the crystal clear waters from the boatport - easy entry and exit, great waters for swimming, skin and SCUBA diving, boating, skiing and other water sports. We can moor your boat overnight at the boatport. Muskoka Shores is just minutes from many of the prime tourist attractions that Muskoka has to offer - Taboo Golf and Country Club, live theatre at the Opera House, Music on the Barge in downtown Gravenhurst, the national heritage site of the birthplace of Doctor Norman Bethune, fabulous scenic cruises aboard the lovingly restored Segwun steam cruise ship or the thoughtfully replicated Wenonah II cruise ship, elegant dining at numerous nearby restaurants, lodges and resorts - and much more.

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Box 894, 1030 Lawland Heights Road, Gravenhurst
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