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Mountain Biking Trips offered by Aguila de Osa Inn has recently purchased 6 new Cannondale suspension mountain bikes for those looking for a more vigorous and adventurous tour of the local surroundings of the Puntarenas region of Drake Bay in Costa Rica.

Strong and lightweight, our bikes are ideal for people of all sizes and come complete with helmets to ensure proper safety.

The Mountain Biking Trips offer several nearby Puntarenas region and Drake Bay area trails that we frequent, ranging from 1.5 hours to nearly 3 hours in length. Some of the trails are off the beaten path while others run along the few dirt roads that connect Drake Bay with the rest of Costa Rica.

Drake?s Planes (times 1.5 ? 2 hours)
This is a very uneven road; starting on the beach then going gradually uphill for a while until you find yourself descending on a steep hill down into the river canyon, once you cross on the suspended bridge the rest is all uphill for about 2 K (1.5 miles) until you reach Los Planes on the Plateau. From here you have three options: going back to the beach in Drake Bay which is mostly downhill with only a couple hills to climb; second is completing any of the next two loops, (Planes ? Caletas or Planes Bijagua) both of which will take you back to beach.

Planes Caletas (loop time / 1.45 ? 2.5 hours)
After reaching Planes you?ll continue along a flat road leading to a road that cuts through old growth forest and pasturelands on a rather rolling road, ending in a very steep down hill ride on the beach. Once there you take the walking trail along the beach passing several little hotels and passing through narrow sections near the rocky shore, ending up in Cocalito Beach. At that point you'll have to carry the bike uphill and then again across the river before reaching Aguila de Osa Inn.

Planes Bijagua Drake's (loop time 2 ? 2.45 hours)
This trail is a bit longer and more strenuous than the one mentioned above, as there are several sections that demand uphill climbing through forest and farms. After reaching Planes continue riding past the farms until you reach a small forest trail which later reverts back to a series of rolling hills and open farm land. At the end you'll meet up with the gravel round that you first took when departing from the hotel.

Drake?s Progreso (Drake?s ? Progreso ? Los Angeles Loop 1.5 ? 2.5 hours)
This is the only other road that will take you only along gravel, as well as through several river / creek crossings. This trail starts on the beach on a rolling terrain. While there is some climbing there are no really big steeps. Once you get to Progreso you'll have the option of returning on the same road or simply continuing farther ahead to Racho where you'll encounter some really steep sections. Or, if you prefer you can also head to Los Angeles on a relatively flat road. Upon reaching the school you will have the opportunity to do some off-road biking in the forested hills (mostly old growth). As well, you?ll find couple hills to climb and creeks to cross before heading back along the gravel road near the beach.

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