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Welcome to Mongolie Grill, Whistler, Canada. Independently owned and operated since 1996, the Mongolie Grill has developed into a World Famous dining experience. Since day one, owners Chris Miron, Andrea Volker and the Volker family have stayed true to their goals for the restaurant; to become a Whistler favorite while maintaining the perfect balance of a fun atmosphere, great service, and excellent food.
Located in the heart of gorgeous Whistler Village, and with well over a million served now (and counting!), the Mongolie Grill has separated itself from other "Mongolian" style restaurants, to truly become a World Famous dining experience.
hoose from our wondeful selection of succulent seafood, tender meats, garden fresh vegetables, and delicious asian pacific noodles. Flavour these ingredients with any combination of our gourmet sauces from around the world, and our chefs will theatrically grill your creation before you eyes.
Enjoy spectacular views of Whistler from our sunny patio. relax under the stars on a warm summer evening. It's a dining experience like no other! Join us for lunch or dinner and discover why the Mongolie Grill is a Whistler favorite!

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201-4295 Blackcomb Way Whistler, British Columbia
British Columbia
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