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Mitchan Sushi in Caraquet Bay, Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Canada | Japanese Restaurant | Japanese Cuisine

Mitchan Sushi in Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada offers a wide selection of sushi and traditional Japanese dishes, and is well known in the Acadian peninsula. With a menu of typically Japanese dishes including tempura, teriyaki, maki, sashimi and their own creations inspired by Acadian tradition, they have successfully blended Japanese and Acadian cultures. Mitchan Sushi has a unique style and welcoming atmosphere, and with their extensive menu and large selection of sushi the food is best described as excellent, very tasty and good size portions are offered. They also offer fresh seafood and great service in intimate rooms, and there are dumplings, noodle dishes, sushi combos and so much more to delight the palate.

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114, boul. St-Pierre O.
Caraquet Bay
New Brunswick
506 726 1103
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