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McGee Weddings is set in an elegant 120-year old Victorian mansion in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, complete with crystal chandeliers, antiques, and a beautifully decorated parlour. Our facilities at McGee Weddings are sure to create unforgettable wedding photographs that will always be remembered. Weddings boasts warmth and an architectural style of days gone by, with the beauty and classic elegance of the Victorian era. Our elegant bridal suites offer oversized Jacuzzi-type tubs large enough for two. All bedrooms have lush bedding and unique period appointments, great for wedding guests and family members.
At McGee Weddings in Ottawa, Ontario, we believe every wedding is special and every couple is unique. We strive to create a cozy family atmosphere where the wedding couple and their guests alike will feel pampered. It takes a special family, working together to do this with the quality and professionalism McGee's Inn and the Armstrong family have become famous for. We offer special wedding rate packages for your out-of-town guests, and our facilities are perfect for bridal parties getting ready for the big day. Either of our double-Jacuzzi bridal suites are sure to create a perfectly romantic ending to your special day.

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