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Matthew Watson General Store in Carcross, Yukon, Canada | Market

On the main street of the historic little village of Carcross, once a major transportation hub, you can step back into another age. The Matthew Watson General Store still looks much as it has for the past hundred years, with tin ware and candy jars, gasoline signs and wooden packing boxes everywhere.

The Matthew Watson General Store isn't a museum. Among the fascinating artifacts, there is a huge variety of arts, crafts, gifts, souvenirs and clothing which is housed in two of the rooms. Gourmet ice cream and snacks in the other room.

We work hard to ensure that the items we stock the shelves with are things that you won't see elsewhere. An extensive line of high-quality clothing for all ages includes beaded moccasins, custom designs on T-shirts and sweatshirts, fleece vests and jackets of several materials including leather.

Arts and crafts range from custom knives and bison-horn carvings to art cards and snowshoes.

Whatever you expect, you'll also be in for some surprises. There are RCMP (Mounted Police) products and fleece blankets, rain ponchos and bug-zappers, film and batteries, bottled water and muffins. Whether you make a detour off the Alaska Highway (the "Alcan") or head north on an excursion from a cruise ship in Skagway, come in for a look.

The Matthew Watson General Store is open from early May until late September each year. If you visited us during the summer and passed up the opportunity to pick up an item you saw in our store and just can't find anywhere else, please contact us

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