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Welcome to Linton Bed and Breakfast, Akaroa, New Zealand. Josie is your host for Linton Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Your rooms are spacious and comfortable, with views of the garden and harbour. A generous continental breakfast is provided. At Linton you will be pampered.

As well as twin and single rooms Josie has two special, spacious double rooms - one downstairs - the Rose room - with a lovely conservatory bathed with the morning sun and a mosaic garden in the ensuite, and the other with an "original" boat bed and view of the Akaroa harbour warmed by the afternoon sun.

Linton Bed and Breakfast accommodation: * Rose Room - Double room with conservatory and ensuite

* Double Boat bed room with wash basin in room and separate bathroom (next door)

* Twin Room with wash basin and separate bathroom

Linton,Bed and Breakfast is within 5 mins walking distance of the beautiful Akaroa Harbour, while the township is just a short distance away for shopping, restaurants and holiday attractions.

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68 Rue Balguerie, Akaroa
New Zealand
+64 3 304 7501
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