Les Croix Gibouins

Les Croix Gibouins in Saint-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine, France | Bed and Breakfast | Guest House | Guest Rooms

Les Croix Gibouins in Saint-Malo, France is a lovely Guest House in the heart of the country near the beach and a delightful stay in a 16th century historic site mansion awaits. Les Croix Gibouins offers the enchantment of exposed beams, fireplaces and a rear garden, and a wide choice of accommodations here include double rooms and family rooms all with own private bathroom. Les Croix Gibouins offers a lovely stay in this historic stone house, where you will be transported back in time, and it's the ideal base for exploring the fabulous beaches, bays and nearby towns, as well as indulge in water sports and other activities, come enjoy.

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Saint Malo Parame (2402)
02 99 81 12 41
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