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About Lefty's Restaurant
In the fall of 1996, three friends got the outrageous idea of opening a Restaurant. A great location was found, a great concept was conceived but, a not-so-great name was chosen (The Crossroads Restaurant.). Fortunately, that never happened!
Wild Idea in hand, the three friends went to see the accountant to crunch the numbers. One remarked that the accountant, taking notes, was left-handed as she was. The other two, in a moment of surprise, realized that they too were Lefties! They realized that here a synchronous moment in space-time was unfolding: here among the world's ocean of right-handers was a sea of Lefties!
The coincidences failed to end there. Meetings at three banks (no it wasn't easy!) produced three left-handed managers. The real estate agent was also a Lefty, as was the bagel supplier and the electrician. It didn't take an Einstein (also a Lefty) to figure out what to call our Restaurant.
Lefty's Fresh Food was born in December, 1996 in Qualicum Beach, BC, on Canada's 'Left Coast'. Now several years later, we have built our reputation on offering quality fresh food and great people. These remain our commitments to you and all of our valued customers. The rest, as they say, is Left coast History!
Lefty's Restaurant Menu
Our menus were built for you. They offer the best of all your favourites prepared with loving care and freshness. In addition you'll find ethnic recipes and many of our unique 'Lefty's Style' items including a large selection for vegetarians and those who are watching what they eat. Just ask if you have special diet needs. Get what you deserve with quality choices for every Lefty's Restaurant meal and great takeout too.

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