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Lato Boutique Hotel Heraklion, Crete, Greece is located right across the old harbour of the city offering breathtaking sea views and endless views to the Venetian fortress, here guests enjoy a unique stay with high quality services and premises. This is the ideal accommodation choice for both the leisure and business traveler, and dining options include exquisite culinary delights in the Brilliant restaurant, the Herb's Garden restaurant on the roof with stunning harbour views, and the Aroma restaurant with fine flavours and tranquil colours. Lato Boutique Hotel caters to conferences, business and social events including weddings, receptions, festivities and more, and they have regular themed events, they will organize everything to suit your needs and ensure a spectacular event. Come for the perfect stay in dynamic surrounds with views, it's all here.

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15 Epimenidou street
+30 2810 228103
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