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At Jollof Pot in London, the very essence of fine dining takes on a completely new meaning, and for those who think that African food is all about biltong, braais and couscous, they are in for a very great culinary experience as they taste our authentic African cuisine. Our exciting dishes, with their traditional flavours, are created from recipes that have been handed down from one generation to another, and at Jollof Pot we are known to have changed traditional recipes slightly to be more innovative, contemporary, and even inspiring Asian cuisine. Jollof Pot is serious about the environment, and use only bio-degradable packaging, wooden cutlery and bio plastic. If you are planning on entertaining clients, or perhaps having a staff party, or just having dinner with family and friends, Jollof Pot has an extensive menu of African cuisine that will tempt even the most jaded of palates.

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Unit 5H, Standard Industrial Estate, Henley Road, London
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20-7473-5666
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