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Jet-X-Treme in Mandurah and Hillarys, Western Australia brings your extreme flyboard fun and an unforgettable adrenaline rush when you launch out the water and head for the skies and sun. Once kitted with all safety gear by amazing staff and ground crew, qualified instructors take over to get you ready for X-treme fun, you can share the magic by buying someone a gift voucher to enjoy the experience with you. Jet-X-Treme offers combined land based safety briefing and instruction, one on one flyboard instruction and safety equipment includes a helmet, life jacket and wetsuit if required, and instruction will be tailored to meet your needs, they have options from selfies to double up, trip, friends with benefits, groupies and party time. Flyboard manouevres you can learn include the dolphin dive, huge dolphin, black dolphin reverse dolphin, swagged out dolphin, backflip, double, triple, slalom and much more, let the x-treme adventures begin.

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13 Mandurah Terrace,
Port Mandurah
Western Australia
0402 287 208
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