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Iririki Island Resorts and Spa... Iririki Island ... Paradise Awaits You in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Iririki Island Resorts and Spa offers two unique styles of accommodation. With over 130 guest rooms, with a variety of views, you have the choice of indulging in one this Efate Island resort's tropical island bungalows at the original Iririki Island Resort, or in one of the spacious and contemporary penthouse style rooms at Snorkelers Cove.

With four bars, a handful or restaurants and a variety of cuisines, two swimming pools, tennis courts, a day spa and the tropical, crystal clear waters of Vanuatu, you?ll soon discover what the locals call ?paradise?.

Located in the heart of Port Vila, Efate Island, Vanuatu, this tranquil island haven is situated ten minutes from the airport and five minutes from the town centre. Our 24-hour complimentary ferry will enable you to see as much or as little off the island. Helicopter transfers are also available from the airport.

Our 131 guest rooms offering two distinctly unique styles of accommodation. 61 spacious and contemporary rooms at Iririki's Snorkelers Cove are the first of their kind in Vanuatu and suited for couples and families. Iririki Resort offers 70 individual fare's (bungalows) reflecting a tropical style accommodation and no guests under 12 years old for that perfect romantic escape.

Michener's Restaurant, Bali Hai Café & Bar, Spa Frangipani, Swimming Pool with deck overlooking the harbour and ocean.Watermark Restaurant, Sunset Bar & Café, stunning cascading pool with swim up bar,games room, gymnasium, tennis courts.

Spa Frangipani, Vanuatu's first day spa has the experience and expertise to provide you with the invigorating and indulging treatment you desire and deserve.

From your head to your toe, we'll revitalise your soul, body and mind with an array of treatments, catered to both men and women, including facials, massages, and hand and foot therapy.

We customise our treatments to suit your needs. We provide the relaxing, solitude environment you desire. We allow you to indulge.

Make your long awaited island dream wedding a reality.
With over 21 years of experience in planning and executing indulgent, romantic events such as engagements, weddings, and honeymoons, we will ensure your special day starts your journey in creating lifelong memories; perfectly.

At Iririki, we invite you to choose your setting. Whether you envisage your special day in the surrounds of the tropical gardens, on the shores of the beach at sunset, or at our romantic fare ?palm d'amour' setting, our dedicated wedding coordinator will help alleviate the stress of planning your dream day.

There are a number of romantic packages to choose from, that includes sparkling wine and fresh fruit on arrival, and the important intricacies of floral arrangements and menu plans.

You will be greeted at the airport by our wedding coordinator, so from the moment you and your partner step foot on the tropical shores of Iririki your dream day will be transformed into a reality.

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Efate Island
(678) 23388
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