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At the entrance to Dunedin, New Zealand,  from the North and just over the Waters of Leith on George Street is Hyland House.
Constructed in 1911 as three large terraced houses,  Hyland House, a distinctive building, was meticulously restored in 2002 and transformed into fine traditional travelers accommodation.
A total of ten luxury and spacious self-contained rooms now spoil discerning travelers and offer the very best of all conveniences, along with the bygone charm of a unique Scottish heritage that is Dunedin, "The Edinburgh of the South."
The three terrace houses were built in 1911 as Superior Terrace Houses, similar in design to those being built in the emerging outer middle-class suburbs in London, Manchester, Liverpool, and other British cities. Their original chattels and decoration may have been those of a middle class Edwardian residence.
The terrace houses were distinct from other homes being built in Dunedin at the time, which were mainly workers dwellings. The terrace houses were constructed of roughcast over brick, as opposed to brick and wooden terrace houses that were common in that time. Additionally, they were constructed with more ample proportions, and regard for domestic design, such as the use of coloured and specialty glass, and superior washing and toilet facilities. They were also fronted by a wrought iron fence of a style more common in church or cemetery settings.
The redevelopment of  Hyland House has faithfully maintained these original features, so guests truly get a feeling of there original style and charm. And our guests today equally enjoy the surrounding gardens with the Waters of Leith flowing gently by.  It is unique to find such a peaceful setting so close to the city, obviously the attraction to the original inhabitants of  Hyland House.

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1003-1011 George St.
New Zealand
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