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Hub Grub in Truro, Colchester County, Canada | Restaurant | American Cuisine

Hub Grub in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada offers exquisite home styled food, and simply the best burgers in all of Colchester, made from 100 per ground beef, hand formed into patties and served on a locally baked bun, and combos are available with fresh hand cut fries. They also do a veggie burger, and other menu items include simple and delicious classic hot dog wieners on a fresh bun topped with ketchup, mustard and relish, or a deluxe version with special burger favours, and there are a variety of fries and poutine, sides and soft drinks. Hub Grub have a few places for seating and take out is available and very popular, they come highly recommended as an amazing local Restaurant.

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239 Queen Street,
Nova Scotia
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