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Located in the charming town of Wolfville in Nova Scotia's bountiful Annapolis Valley in Canada, Harvest Gallery features a wonderfully diverse collection of art and fine craft from many of the region's best-loved Artists and artisans.

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SUPERSIZE - August 15 through September 13, 2009 - Ten works by ten Artists working in a larger format.

The exhibition includes the work of Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith, Suzanne Allen-Bastow, Geoff Butler, Holly Carr, Terry Havlis Drahos, Jennifer Marlow, Deborah Nicholson, Sanna Rahola, Lynda Shalagan, and George Walford.

This collection of oversized artwork features a variety of media - from photography to wood carving and painting on silk to oil paintings. The artwork spans the whimsical to the abstract with the commonality of a larger scale.

In a time of super sized food, super sized homes and super sized headlines, many Artist are choosing to super size their work. The reasons for choosing a larger format vary from Artist to Artist. Some Artists work larger in order to create an atmosphere rather than having the artwork be the object. Others choose to up size for emphasis on the content or perhaps that the content itself has a grand scale. Whatever the reason for the larger work the results are as grand as the size.

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