Harry Nass Surf & Action Centre

Harry Nass Surf & Action Centre in Dahab, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt | Surfing

Harry Nass Surf & Action Centre in Dahab offers a Surfers Paradise & Holidays Heaven on the Sinai Peninsula.

Only a 4 hour flight from Europe and sporting 3 surf areas with 2 centres and 1 address in Dahab this is the Harry Nass Surf & Action Centre.

Offering World class equipment, and putting Quality and safety first! 400 rigs/350 boards reserved for a maximum of 150 surfers.

These are the ingredients that go together to make your surf holiday something special.

Enjoy Surfing and kiteSurfing in Dahab as well as Land Activities, Watersports, Entertainment, Snorkelling and Dining.

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c/o Novotel Coralia Dahab
0020/69 364 0 559
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