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Welcome to Hardcore Fishing and Adventures, Nipigon, Canada. Guide Service for Fishing & Grouse Hunting, Winter Camping and Vacation Broker

What Does Nipigon, Ontario Have To Offer? Hello, my name is Barry Laukkanen and I am the owner of Hardcore Fishing and Adventures. Hardcore Fishing and Adventures is based in Nipigon, Ontario--home of the world record brook trout. The world record brook trout was caught in the world famous Nipigon River in 1915 by Dr. JW Cook. It was 14 lbs 8 oz and 31.5 inches in length. To this day, 5-10 pound brookies are still being caught locally. The Nipigon River is the largest river that flows into Lake Superior.

The headwaters of this great river is Lake Nipigon, the largest inland lake completely within Ontario's borders. Lake Nipigon is 100 km - 70km or 62 mi – 43 mi wide. Its surface area, including over 500 islands, is 4,848 square kilometers or 1,872 square miles. It has a maximum depth of 540 feet and is home to a variety of fish with lake trout being the most common.

It is no wonder Nipigon is "nestled in nature" with Lake Nipigon to the north, Lake Superior to the south and the mighty Nipigon River running right down the middle. Nipigon's marina gives you access to the Nipigon River and Lake Superior. This freshwater port is the farthest north in North America, crossing the 49th parallel. I personally have nicknamed this part of Ontario, "little Alaska" as it is also very rugged and full of wildlife.

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