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Diving Center Scuba Valdaliso in Rovinj, Istria, Croatia | Diving

Diving Center Scuba Valdaliso is directly on the pier and offers ideal conditions for beginners and advanced divers. Our Diving Center Scuba Valdaliso has within a short time become one of the best addresses for divers in Rovinj, or even for those that want to be developed. Reflecting the basis of Stojan Babi?. Through our rich and quality offers, we are able satisfy each customer depending on the level of Diving they require.

Rovinj - Istria, Croatia with many small islands and islets, and more than 10 wrecks we have dive sites for each level. Right on our two dive centers, we have perfect dive sites for courses, check Dive and night dives. Due to the divers for optimum water depth of about 40 m in the northern Adriatic wrecks are all good to explore. Diving trips to the islands need about 1-2 hours for the exits wreck about 3-4 hours.
Our highly qualified staff, German, English and Italian speaking, are in a position to your ensure your special wishes.


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